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FlameHit, the most popular internet radio station in Morocco.

FlameHit radio

Listen to FlameHit radio and enjoy all your favorite hits music non-stop. No commercials, no ads, just music!

FlameHit radio was launched in april 2019, and it has over 10K unique listeners worldwide.

The playlist is driven by passion, playing the best of hits music. Unlike other webradios, we actually have real people who have a good taste in music.

Listeners choose FlameHit radio because it's programmed to emotionally connect with them. Also it helps them gets through the day.

In addition to our online listening experience, FlameHit radio will soon offer applications for iOS, Android and Windows. Listeners can enjoy the best of hits music without distracting contents.

FlameHit program

Frequently asked questions

Why FlameHit radio doesn't play?

As from 15th Nov. 2018, Radionomy is ceasing to stream into some countries, which means that FlameHit radio will no longer be available in those countries. We are not happy about this, but it is beyond our control.

South Africa, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Philipines, Brazil, Peru, Taiwan, Bolivia, Turkey, India and countries formerly in Yugoslavia like Serbia and Croatia.

If you still want to listen to FlameHit radio (and we hope you do), we suggest installing a VPN that allows connection via another country on your device.

Copy and paste one or more of the codes below into your website.

Player n°1: (300x389px)

FlameHit player1

Player n°2: (320x90px)

FlameHit player2

Basic audio player: